10 Best Zambales Beaches And Resorts

One of the most amazing places in the world you want to visit is no doubt the Philippines. This is one place amongst a few that is home to many tourist attractions and destinations, one of which is its many beaches.

This has made it a popular vacation destination for tourists and travelers. Whether international, foreign or local, for a break from the hurdles associated with life in the city. One province packed with a handful of these incredibly amazing and popular beaches in the province of Zambales.

Considering it’s near to Manila (precisely about 3-4 hours), the country’s capital, there are a host of beaches in Zambales whose beauty will take you on a wonderful and memorable journey. If you ever find yourself in a quest for a perfect summertime escape, you should consider these Zambales beach resorts.


Top 10 Best Beach In Zambales

1. Potipot Island


One beach destination that is really amazing to be, particularly on weekdays, is Potipot Island. Due to its popularity, it is usually crowded during weekends, which is why I would recommend that you visit during weekdays so that you can enjoy your visit to the full.

This is one place that has its pristine condition still preserved until today. As much as it is such a small island, it holds a beautiful ambiance as can be seen from its stunning sunset view. As much as it also has a camping site it is recommended to come with your own drinks and meals.

Facilities you will also find here include rentable cottages, shower rooms, grilling stations, and bathrooms. But, one thing you must have in mind is that it is prohibited to litter or set a bonfire on the island.

Adorned with crystal and white sand, this island is a must-visit Zambales beach. Additionally, it features lush greenery and turquoise water. Even though there are no hotels, bars, restaurants, or resorts, it offers a great environment for relaxation, and as such, the place qualifies as one of the beaches you want to visit. Some activities that are suitable herein include snorkeling and beach volleyball. They also allow for renting a kayak.



2. Nagsasa Cove


This is one destination that has drawn tourists and travelers alike each year. This is a place to visit if you desire to get an intimate moment with nature and some peace of mind as it offers more than the usual moving and breathing space.

While open all year round, the best time of the year to visit is between December and April. This is because at this point there are no threats of the skies messing with your parade with rainfall.

Weekends can be quite crowded in there. This is no surprise considering it’s near to Manila. So, if relaxing and having fun in a crowded place is not your thing, weekdays will be perfect.

There are no mobile signals and electricity in Nagsasa Cove, you only get cottages and a campsite for lodging. This can be a good thing as it allows for a peaceful, relaxing experience. With the absence of a reliable mobile signal, this can be your chance to disconnect from the rest of the world. You definitely don’t get to do this every day or every time.

What a perfect destination for unwinding, healing, and starting fresh. Perhaps you’re going through some rough times or a broken heart. It is generally a perfect destination for hiking, swimming, and camping.


3. Crystal Beach Resort

If you’re looking for one of the best spots for surfing in the country, you want to think of Crystal beach. This is one reason for its popularity in San Narciso, Zambales. It is characterized by pine trees lining its shore (for a calming and breezy feel) instead of the usually palm trees you find in other beach spots.

Additionally, it features grounds that are well maintained and very relaxing accommodation. One unique feature that stands it out from other beaches in the province is its black sand. This beach is pet-friendly, although these pets are disallowed entrance to the rooms.

It is a perfect beach for athletic tourists or travelers, whether you’re looking for a magical sunset and sunrise surf session, typical bonfire camp out, or simply chilling an enjoying soft sound of waves by the sea.

It is fondly referred to as a surfer’s paradise as there are opportunities for extreme activities such as surfing, camping and the rest. This implies that it might not be a perfect option for a family outing, especially with the breaks and swells.

If you plan on making it a date here, you are allowed to come with your cooking set and tent. On the other hand, there are stores and eateries off the resort offering food/commodities at lower prices.

With such an expansive beach property, where you have loads of accommodation options, you still do not get any feeling of being crowded and crampy.



4. Magalawa Island


If you’re looking for one of the blossoming tourist destinations in the country, Magalawa Island is one place you need to be. Featured in this lovely destination is white sand to be compared to that of white sand of Boracay.

There’s also a floating restaurant in one of the on-site resorts – Armada Resort for a really amazing ambiance and views. This island is home to a small village and two resorts that provide lodging, canteen, campsite, and grilling facility.

This implies that you can engage in activities such as kayaking, camping, snorkeling, and island hopping to islands nearby like Potipot Island or Babacala Sandbar. This 56-hectare island is also referred to by locals as the Island of the Stars as it houses several starfish.

It just takes a 10-minute boat ride from the shore of Brgy. Pangolingan, Zambales, and Palauig, and you’re right there on the grounds of one of the best beaches in Zambales. This is a perfect beach destination for travelers looking for a not too crowded beach in Zambales.

Located in Palauig, Zambales, Magalawa Island is enveloped by the waters of the South China Sea. Together with its creamy white sand, this place boasts of surrounding towering coconut trees, sea corals, and rich marine life. This makes it a perfect place for snorkeling and diving.


5. Subic Halfmoon Beach

If you are a tired city soul looking for a place that has a lot of breathing space to offer, you should check out the Subic Halfmoon Beach. Formerly known as Kale Beach Resort, the Subic Halfmoon Beach destination is a perfect place for a total getaway from spoiled and crowded beaches.

It features long stretch sand, together with 30 big cottages. Sitting on an almost eight-hectare, this beach property is where you want to be when you’re looking to enjoy weekends with family and friends. This is one of the most popular beaches in Zambales and enjoys a fair share of traffic despite its farther proximity from manila.

Generally, it loses patronage from locals. Its water was so clear that seeing the tiny fishes swimming around is so easy. The sand may not be so white, but its fineness and smoothness give it the look of exfoliating beads on a facial wash. Activities you can enjoy there include picnics by the beach, beach volleyball, and Jet Ski.

This is one best Zambales beaches that promise to be more than enough in satisfying your cravings for swimming – whether in the Surf Sea or summer.


6. Camara Island


If you are looking for the perfect place to create long-lasting and lifetime memories, this is probably the destination to visit – Camara Island. This is more or less a favorite hopping destination in Zambales province as it is located close to the shore of San Antonio’s Barangay of Pundaquit.

This island is sized similarly to a professional football with the abundant rock formation. This suggests that its geographical wonders are walkable or trekkable. It is scarcely characterized by a stretch of about 4 feet cream-sand. This is a perfect beach for snorkeling due to the cleanliness and teeming marine life of the surrounding waters.

It also features a few trees, and some seabirds come flocking occasionally. If you are a photoshoot or selfie lover, you will find this island worth the visit as it offers an amazing view of the deep-blue-colored seas.

The Camara Island comprises two islets of large rocks connected by a strip of a long walkable and visible white sand bar during the low tide and disappears at high tide.

Other activities one can get on with other than snorkeling include swimming and beachcombing. It is important to note that overnight camping and all kinds of drinking sessions are not allowed.


7. Capones Island


Are you looking to embark on a journey to a place that not only feels like a home away from home but allows you to reconnect with solemn nature? Capones Island awaits your visit.

Formerly called “Isla de Gran Capon” during the Spanish Colonization Era, this island is located four kilometers off Barangay Pundaquit on Luzon’s main island.

This island is two kilometers long, bone-shaped, and surrounded by rocky shores and white sand. These properties make it conducive for activities such as day picnics, overnight camping, and swimming.

With its turquoise rich water, it’s a perfect place for snorkeling and diving. Capones Island is legendary for its lighthouse, as it is one of the most popular landmarks you get to find in the province. The cinematic and commanding image this landmark creates high over the cliff gets people marveling and in the end lures them to visit.

Even though it lacks the urban and modern-day amenities, its rustic simplicity makes it a breathtaking and attractive sight to behold. This island does not provide any form of accommodation facilities, visitors are allowed to get in with their tents and other related gears.

At night, you enjoy a wonderful undisturbed experience of stargazing where you embrace the inner child in you longing to get close to Mother Nature.


8. Talisayen Cove


If you’re looking to travel to Zambales for a memorable and unique holiday experience, one destination you need to pay a visit to is Talisayen Cove. This is nothing less than an amazing pristine cove settled along the coastline of Zambales where tourists and travelers alike are treated to a quieter relaxed environment.

Although often overlooked, but this is one beach that holds a bunch of natural abundance and is so full of peace. Its seclusion and serenity is one feature that stands it out among other best Zambales beach; additionally is its proximity from the metro – just about 3 hours ride.

This is one destination that offers a lot of opportunities for picture-taking sessions. This, of course, is all thanks to its breathtaking views. Take for instance the sight of the pine trees and stretch of fine white-sand against, it is so amazing to behold.

Talisayen, like many best Zambales beaches, doesn’t any accommodation or resorts. The only such spots you will find are one big beach house and beach huts and particularly reserved for the owners of the island. Again, if you’re looking for an ideal destination surrounded by beauty and is not too crowded for easy meditation, this Zambales beach is for you.


9. Liwliwa Beach


One place that qualifies as a perfect beach destination to relax despite its unpopularity is the Liwliwa beach. This actually makes it an ideal option for tourists and travelers who are not a fan of crowded places.

To start with, the gentle waves and sloppy shores make this place a promising getaway spot. Just a few hours away from Manila, finding your way to this place can be quite some work as its pathway is somewhat hidden from the highway mains.

It is gradually and increasingly becoming a worthy alternative to most of the popular surfing beach spots around, thanks to elements such as the fresh air, clear blue skies, and roaring seas. It is proved that peace and quiet are not necessarily found in the popular beaches.

This place features uncluttered settings and natural beauty that make it a perfect surfing destination and picturesque as well. This beach destination offers tourists and travelers alike the options of lounging and lazing around the shores, or taking the call of the waves and surf.

Liwliwa provides simple accommodations, such that it fits the rustic charm of the area. Activities you get involved in also include ATV and Skim Boarding. The beach fix and peace this place offers are perhaps worth all the fun and activities more popular ones may have.


10. Anawangin Cove

Best Zambales Beaches And Resorts

There is no far better way of escaping the city heat than heading to this crescent-shaped cove – Anawangin. This destination was one of the products of the eruption of Mount Pinatubo in 1991 that transformed the landscape of Central Luzon – an ash and sand mixture cove.

Located in San Antonio, Zambales, this property is characterized by unusual grey sand shores, crystal clear waters, and a bustling Agoho trees forest. Thanks to its beautiful and laid-back surroundings, the Anawangin Cove has become one of the favorite destinations among tourists and travelers from all walks of life year after year.

Also, thanks to its remoteness, one attribute this place has maintained over the years is its beauty and serenity. It features loads of Instagram-worthy attributes and this makes its visitors seem not to get enough of it.

This is no doubt a great way to get off the grid for a while, detach from all sorts of technological connections and be with yourself or have a quiet time with family and friends. If you’re planning to pay a visit, it is suggested that you take along camping gear as there are no accommodations.


Final Words On Best Zambales Beaches And Resorts

You can already tell for yourself that the Zambales province doubtless holds a lot of adventure for tourists and travelers alike. From its vegetation and lush views, nearby safari, inflatable water park, ridable waves, and attractive beach coves, what more can one ask from a beach destination?

Particularly, their beaches have over the years become a primary vacation destination for many travelers looking to escape the hurdles of the city and take a break from life. Depending on which part of the province you’re headed to, it can take as short as a 3-hour drive or as long as a 7-hour drive away.

Also depending on which beach you end up choosing, there are loads of activities you can undertake, from snorkeling, swimming, water sports, skimboarding, or simply for the photo opportunities.

But, regardless of where you decide to end up, they promise to be something unique about their beaches. If you really want to enjoy beach time and have fun, you should give this province a try.

What do you think about the above list of best Zambales beaches? Do you have any ideas on the beaches that I should have added? I look forward to your ideas and suggestions in the comment section.

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