Malabsay Falls, Naga, Camarines Sur, Philippines

Have you ever had a reason to visit Naga City? Whether traveling for business or pleasure, one of the top places you want to visit while in this City is the Malabsay Falls.

This is one attraction that never fails to awe visitors and makes their stay a wonderful experience. From the fresh air to the tranquil nature, pristine and cool waters, what more could one ask for an attraction destination?


About Malabsay Falls

According to Trip Advisor, the Malabsay Falls has been ranked No. 2 among the 11 Things to do in Naga City. This waterfall is located in Panicuason, Padian Street, downtown Naga City, near Metrobank.

It is 40 feet in height and features cascading waters falling on a wide pond. This is what I call paradise in its natural state; with ice-cold cool mountain waters, natural shower, and misty moss green jungle.

With such an atmosphere, it is a great spot for backpackers/solo travelers, couples, groups of friends, and families to relax and have a nice time. This is one fall with a strong potential for a tourist attraction in the province.

This potential is so strong that to the point that it is able to compete with the rest of the leading waterfalls in the country, one of which is the Pagsanjan Falls.

malabsay falls



How to Get There

malabsay falls walking


The Malabsay waterfall is a very accessible place as long as you’re coming from Naga City. But, for those not very familiar with the route, there’s no cause for alarm. There’s also no need to hire a guide since the pathway is concrete and accessible.

While there are transportation means such as tricycles and jeepneys and Taxis available, you can choose to roam around Naga City just on foot. From downtown Naga, with the help of the Jeepney ride, you go to the Panicuason bound terminal near P. Caceres St./Padian Street just right beside Metrobank. This is a short ride that should take an average of 45 minutes.

The jump-off point is particularly at the Girl Scout of the Philippines property in Panicuason. From there, you will see a concrete path that leads to this beholding beauty, through Mt. Isarog National Park’s entrance.

This should take about a 10-minute walk along. There’s also an option of riding on a “habal-habal” from GSP as the jump-off point. Also, at this point, cars that can’t travel further to the gate of Mt. Isarog National Park’s entrance are allowed to park their car inside the GSP property.

Once at the gate of the national park, it then takes a trek for around 10-15 minutes to reach Malabsay Falls. Once you’re approaching the falls, you’ll no doubt realize for yourself hearing its thundering plunge. At this point, get ready to mesmerized at its beauty; and get energized as well.


Final Words On Malabsay Falls

Whenever you find yourself in the City of Naga, one place that promises to be refreshing is the Malabsay Falls. It is no doubt a must-see tourist attraction.

Perhaps, you have visited these waterfalls, can you kindly share your experience. Also, feel free to share this article.

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