How Much Does Pewdiepie Make?

Most persons that know Pewdiepie are his teenage fan base. If you ask anyone over 30 (sometimes even over 25) who this YouTube sensation is, the most you’ll get is a scratch on the head.

And even if they do know him, following him may not seem like the thing an older person would want to do. In short, Pewdiepie has made an impression in the minds of his teenage viewers as an internet sensation.

A man whose fortune is correlative to his fame. And since he created his YouTube channel in 2010, his net worth has always been increasing.


Who is this Pewdiepie?

How Much Does Pewdiepie Make

From Sweden hails Pewdiepie, whose real name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg. Born on the 24th day of October in the year 1989 (making him 29 years old as of this writing).

He grew in a family with an inclination to professional courses. And they told him that he would succeed in industrial economics and technology management. And managed to get him a spot in the Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, in Sweden. Where he studied the exact course.

Being bored with the professional studies, Felix decided to do something different with his life. Rather than being incorporated into the corporate world. He would instead make films than write long boring essays. And this sparked an idea in the young blooming mind of young Felix.

He decided to open a YouTube account in 2010 with the initial name of PewDie. But lost the login details to the lucrative account and opened another account instead with the pie at the end. Giving you the Pewdiepie account that is now the teenage sensation.

With time, rather than study, Felix devoted more of his time in making films. Which caused him to drop out of the university, to do what he loved the most.

Things didn’t go all well for Felix; in fact, he had to support himself and his filmmaking career by selling Photoshop art and did small work at a hot dog stand. You can only imagine how little Pewdiepie net worth would have been at the time, really little.

Typical as the parent were, they decided not to help their son in his new found path and life choice. Which, would only mean that Felix had to fend for himself.


How Pewdiepie Started? (His Early Video Channels)

When Pewdiepie created his channel, he began to enjoy some success. As his channel had over 60,000 subscribers toward the end of 2011.

During this year, MoneyNation estimated his net worth to be $18.7 million. And that his net worth preceded his YouTube Career (thanks to the other source of his income, as you would get to know later). For a university dropout, that was a stunning recovery.

By 2012, Pewdiepie had already reached up 1 million subscribers.

And by this time you would think that he had made a pretty impressive achievement, not knowing that the best was still to come.

You see, Pewdiepie signed up with the multi-channel network, machinima. But he was daunted by their performance and felt he was neglected by the company. Despite the fact, he was on his way to becoming the guy with the most subscribed channel.

This factors contributed to his decision to move to the Maker Studios network. Which was later taken over by Disney. Although he had a shaky start off with Disney by 2014, he found a sticky footing later on in 2017 (February to be precise).


The Rise Of The Superstar Pewdiepie

It was only in 2013 that Pewdiepie’s YouTube career began to produce some real dividend. Now, he had reached up to 5 million subscribers (February that year), and this made him be noticed by so many people.

The New York time even profiled him, though he was one of six YouTuber featured at the time in the article. But going down the line to 2017, he had an article dedicated to him.

By July 2013, he had the most subscribed YouTube channel. But it didn’t stay that way for long. Because in just some months, he rose to become the 1st most subscribed channel on YouTube taking over the then no. 1 contender, Smosh.

Wall Street Journal at this point estimated Pewdiepie net worth to be about $4 million. But reached 19 million by year-end that year.

In twelve months, Pewdiepie had made up to 33 million subscribers. And in 2014 he had reached over 4.1 billion views on his videos. Money Nation estimated Pewdiepie net worth to $55 million that year alone.

In September of 2015, Pewdiepie made over 10 billion video views. Being the first channel to reach this amount of views. And this afforded him a spot at Forbes’s list for being one of the most successful YouTuber. Receiving over $12 million that year (2015).

In 2016, his fame and success motivated the Scare Pewdiepie series for his YouTube Subscribers. By December that year, Pewdiepie had over $50 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Being the first YouTube to reach that amount of Subscribers.


Other Earnings of Pewdiepie

Money Nations, one of the ardent followers of this superstar’s success said that Pewdiepie made up to $144 million on his channel. But this could only amount for part of his significant income and sourced where he got his other earnings from; merchandise earning.

From his merchandise earning, he made over $42 million and $5.8 million from the real investment. His merchandise included, tee shirts, hat, and hoodies, amongst others.

In 2015 Pewdiepie even wrote a book, ranking him at no. 1 at the young adult reader in the bestsellers list of the New York Times. He released a mobile game that was downloaded in huge amounts by his fans.

But his income puts him in a top tax bracket of up to 50%. Pewdiepie annual salary is $12 million, making as much as $3,400 per hour, that’s a lot. Compared to “safe-jobs” like doctors who make $94 per hours or teachers who get paid $28. This YouTube channel gig seems to be working for Pewdiepie.

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