10 Of The Most Famous Landscape Photographers

When you think of landscape photography, there are a number of notable names you can’t afford to leave out. These ones have defined the genre for what it presently is, beautifully exploring nature and presenting fascinating visual results.

Nature has, of course, been a source of inspiration for artists in different categories from painters to writers and even singers and photography has definitely not been left out. This article presents some of the best and famous landscape photographers who have taken the art and breathed a new kind of life into it, producing great art and extraordinary impact.

Here are 10 of the best landscape photographers today listed in alphabetical order.

Famous Landscape Photographers


Andreas Gursky

top landscape photographersOne of the most memorable things about Andreas Gursky is that his 1999 photograph, Rhein II sold at $4.3 million in 2011 and held the record of being the most expensive photograph in the world.

Here is a German photographer who creates really beautiful near abstract photos and is great at using elevated shooting points. His great skill in photography is notable in the way he eliminates unneeded elements from his photos to create excellent visuals.

He is a photographer whose creations definitely point to a lot of skill and passion.

See more about him at www.andreasgursky.com

Ansel Adams

professional landscape photographersThis American photographer born in 1902 is an unforgettable one who developed a technique called Zone System to help him determine proper exposure as well as adjust the contrast on his photographs.

His images were created with careful consideration for detail and depth which prove his passion for nature and his art of photography. Ansel basically used format field cameras because they had a great ability to ensure high resolution and sharpness in images.

He also founded a group of seven other photographers called f/64 which promoted modernist aesthetics that concerned itself with precision in exposure. Apart from these, he also created three grand books which are considered the bibles of photography; The Camera, The Print and The Negative.

Ansel Adams was widely celebrated all over his homeland for using his art to preserve the natural treasures of his country. With all his skill and commitment to his art, it is no surprise that his name should always come to mind whenever landscape photography is mentioned. He died in 1984, at the age of 82.

Find more about him at www.anseladams.com

Bernd Becher and Hilla Becher

great landscape photographers

These two come together because they are a couple working together on the art of photography. Bernd and Hilla specialized in taking photos of their country’s disappearing architecture. They also founded the Dusseldorf School of Photography and took images of buildings and industrial structures that were beautifully immersed in nature.

They often made collages and used their photography to preserve and immortalize many disappearing architectures. Their special commitment, as well as their great dedication and attention to detail as proven by their works, have also earned them a place among photography greats.

Visit www.artnet.com/artists/bernd-and-hilla-becher/ to see more about them.

Galen Rowell

landscape photographers

He is an adventurous American wilderness photographer who started his professional career in nature photography in the year 1972 and without any formal training in photography. In the same year 1972, he had his story in National Geographic.

Galen usually spent a lot of time outdoors to ensure he would be in the right place when there was the right light. He also wrote on humanitarian, mountaineering and environmental issues as well as published eighteen books and a lot of articles on magazines.

He took photos that depicted natural phenomena like rainbows and thunderstorms. His photos were taken with expertise and had a lot of colors. On August 11, 2002, Galen Rowell was unfortunately killed along with three other people in a plane crash in California.

You can check www.mountainlight.com for some of his works.

Lois Conner

world's best landscape photographersHe is an American photographer who used architectural photography to address the infrastructural changes which the economy caused. Her photos were in panoramic format and this allowed her to pay attention to detail.

She used her art to depict cities and their difficulties. Lois Conner has worked in countries like China and Vietnam and has had exhibitions in many museums worldwide.

You can find more about her at www.loisconner.net

Max Rive

modern landscape photographers

One of the most creative and passionate landscape photographers today, Max started taking photographs of mountains as an amateur in the winter of 2008. He traveled to different places taking photographs of mountains.

In 2012, he started visiting and photographing a number of iconic places after deciding to take his photography seriously. So far, he has produced a good number of adventurous and unique photos that have earned him a well-deserved place among photography gurus.

See more of his works at www.maxrivephotography.com

Michael Kenna

creative landscape photographersThis man born in 1953 and from Britain is known especially for his unusual, out-of-the-world, black and white landscapes. He took the approach of shooting for up to 10 hours at night in order to achieve his unique style.

He moved away from commercial work and began his own career as a commercial photographer. Over the years, he has presented us with highly iconic photos that stand him out.

Visit www.michaelkenna.net to see more about him.

Per Bak

the best landscape photographers


Born in 1949, Per Bak is the leading photographer of Denmark and was one of the pioneers of landscape photography. What especially stands him out is that his photos are usually presented just the way they are taken, without any manipulations.

His photos present nature just the way they are so that their true state is seen. This, however, does not stand in the way of the fact that the pictures are usually very polished. This man is known for his photos of cemeteries, museums, and monuments. His photography has been described as “metaphysical realism” since he is really good at creating surreal images.

You will find his works at www.artsy.net/artist/per-bak-jensen

Sebastiao Salgado

historical landscape photographers

A trained economist, Sebastiao is a Brazilian photographer who started his photography journey by taking pictures of places he visited while working as an economist with the International Coffee Organization, ICO. Over time, this hobby grew so serious for him that in 1973, he abandoned his career as an economist and became a full-time photographer.

In 1994, after having worked a number of years with Magnum Photos, he teamed up with his wife, Leila to form their photography outfit, Amazonas Images in Paris.

He moved over to wildlife photography after photographing the experiences of human beings from different walks of life and communities who stayed committed to their ancestral traditions. He also published a book titled Genesis, where he talked about his work, is his attempt to give something back to the environment.

This book also contains a number of very beautiful landscape shots. Since 2001, Sebastiao has been a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.

Go to his page at www.artsy.net/artist/sebastiao-salgado

Takeshi Mizukoshi

popular landscape photographers

He dropped out of the University of Agriculture in Tokyo where he studied Forestry and then went on to work as a naturalist. After this, he studied with the late Yukio Mizukoshi who was another talented photographer from Japan before he became a mountain photographer.

Mizukoshi has only a few works of his photography available on the internet but in spite of this, his great talent can be seen from the available photos which are a great homage paid to nature. His works are also displayed in some international museums and art galleries.

To see excerpts of his work published by Fujifilm, http://fujifilmsquare.jp/en/detail/16020204.html

There’s more. But here are just ten of some of the world’s best photographers who have given a great deal of devotion to their art and have brought the best out of it, earning their place on this list of tops. We hope that you have enjoyed as well as gotten inspiration from reading this list.

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