11 Of The Best Beaches In Batangas, Philippines

Looking for the perfect getaway? Where you and your loved ones can enjoy the bliss of companionship?

Or maybe you want to spend some quality time on your own, away from the problems you might be facing?

Well then, time on the beach will be just the thing you need.

If you are in the Philippines, you might want to visit some of the great beaches in Batangas.

It is the perfect getaway for you and that special someone. It is the place where you can have fun and make memories, all by yourself or with special somebody.

Thus, if you find yourself visiting the Philippines, you may want to check out some of the Best Beaches In Batangas.

Here are, not only the top 10 beaches in Batangas but,

11 Of The Best Beaches In Batangas (In Alphabetical Order)


Bituin Cove


A privately-owned beach that can have fun in, is the Bituin Cove.

It is a beautiful cove that said to belong to Senator. Edgardo Angara, and is a short land of strangles and sand, and it is just twenty minutes from the Calayo beach.

You can decide to stay overnight in the cove or go touring around, whichever you feel is best for you.

To enter the cove is P25. If you’re coming from Calayo beach and want to charter a boat, then be prepared to spend as much as P1500. Don’t worry, it is good for 12 tax.

It is best to spend some time (or even days) on the cove. You can decide to camp or book a room in any resort around. The cove is indeed s a breath of fresh air from all the regularities around.

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Calayo Beach, Nasugbu


If you don’t feel like going to Fortune island, for one reason or the other, the other alternative (which is as good as fortune island) is the Calayo beach.

It would interest you to know that Nasugbu probably has the highest number of developed beaches. The province has undergone significant developments. And this has attracted many tourists to the region.

The province has many resorts all covering their coves. Some of the regions include the Hamilo coast, the Punta Fuego, amongst others.

Although some of these beaches are privately owned, there are some that are for public use; Calayo beach is one of the public beaches.

The Calayo beach has a line of houses on its borders, with a few resorts ranging from budget to mid-range resorts. Its sand isn’t as off-white as it should be; it is fine, but more light brown than white.

For those who want the full tour package, this beach is a good starting point. And from here, you can enter better beaches like the Bituin Cove, or the Kayraamng Cove, or even the Pulo Island.

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Fortune Island, Nasugbu

Best Beaches In Batangas

The municipal of Nasugbu is another city that holds another beach in the provinces of Batangas.

Fortune Island is part and parcel of the Nasugbu municipality. Shocking as it may sound, very few people living outside Batangas know about this beach. They are oblivious to the architecture hidden on this island.

Some of its prominent architectural features are the Greek columns which somehow look like private rest houses. It is similar to other beaches in Batangas, but its columns make it stand out.

If you want to make the most of the time in Batangas, Nasugbu precisely, then you might want to book a room in one of the resorts on the mainland.

Don’t be in a hurry, sit back, relax, and enjoy ancient architecture.

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Laiya, San Juan


Laiya San Juan beach is one of the most beautiful and developed beaches in the Batangas metropolis. If you look closely, you’ll realize that the reason why this particular beach has undergone this level of development is because of its landmass.

The beach has a long and wide array of sand that does well to attract tourists. And the place is usually booming during the holidays.

There are countless resorts around their areas. Most are high-end resorts, but you can find some budget resorts around the corner.

The good thing about this resort is that it was developed over the year. So they still keep some of the traditions prevalent among the local community.

Other than to go there to relax, there are also halls in their resorts, where you can host corporate events and parties.

It is indeed a beach with all the right stuff. It is perfect for those who want to feel the warm summer breeze, un-wine, and have some fun.

The view on the Laiya beach is breathtaking. And although it is not a white sand beach in Batangas, you can still have a good time, taking in the view and swimming in the ocean.

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Malabrigo Point, Lobo


Away from the provinces of Tingloy and Nasugbu is yet another beach you might want to check out, during your visit to Batangas.

The Malabrigo point focuses on the preservation and showcasing of nature’s beauty and upholding its pristine state.

Some of the credits about going to this place are that its location somewhat obscure. That access to it would mean you would need to squeeze yourself through the mountainsides. Thus it is not as crowded as other beaches.

The second thing about this beach that you might like is the fact that it is not your regular sandy beach. It is pebbled, composed of small-sized white and gray cobbles.

It also has a beautiful lighthouse by the side, making it a sight for sore eyes.


Manuel Uy beach, Calatagan


Are you looking for a tour or camping experience, or you want to relax and take in the cool breeze? Then the Manuel Uy beach is the destination for you. It is a resort beach developed to full potential so that you can experience a splendid time.

This beach’s coast is on the same path as the Burot beach and the Stilts Calatagan resort. If you look at the beach, you might think it is not a resort and more of a campsite. Other than a shower, a staff room, and a toilet room, there no other permanent structures on the beach. Or even along the beach.

The beach is long and has cream-colored sand that tourists like. The abundant sand is lapped on the shallow water of the Calatagan’s ocean bank (Calatagan’s signature coastal area).

This lapping is divided in two by an inlet of water, and is the perfect jump-off point, to go to the starfish island or the sand bar.

Island hopping tours are available and are only P300 for one person. What are you waiting for? Have fun.

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Masasa Beach, Tingloy


If you’re looking for a tranquil getaway, then you should check out the Masasa beach, located at Tingloy.

Tingloy is a city entirely off the mainlands of Batangas and is isolated, so it remains peaceful and serene.

Being a municipal area, with humble residents it is not developed yet. Leaving it with that natural, untouched look. Which is very conducive for those who want to get in touch with nature.

Amazing, the beach of Masasa is the best beach in Tingloy. And it has off-white sand that is concealed in the southern parts of the island of Maricaban (that is the Tingloy’s main island).

You will not find any resorts on the beach, but it is a good place to make good memories, with your loved ones and even with the locals. You can visit the island for a day’s tour, from Anilao.

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Pulo Island, Nasugbu


Locally, it is known as the Pulo-Pulo, but for tourists, it is Loren Island or Pulo Island. It is one of the most developed beaches in the province of Nasugbu.

You guessed right, the Loren here is owned by the Loren Legarda, and according to the local fishermen and boatmen, it is a place of paradise.

It is twenty minutes away from Calayo beach. But the sand here isn’t fine or off-white, it has a lot of pebbles and is beige. But it still is a perfect getaway point for those looking for private time on their own.

The island itself has two beaches on it, plus a sandbar looking area, that is linked to another islet, that is rather rocky.

Since it is a privately owned island, it would follow thus that the amenities on it are limited only to the island guests. It is indeed a paradise, and perfect for that escape you need.

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Sepoc Beach, Tingloy


It should be put on record that Tingloy has one of the highest numbers of beaches in Batangas (if not the highest). With a majority of them being undeveloped.

One of the very famous and lucrative beaches in the city of Tingloy is the Sepoc beach. And unlike most of the beaches in Tingloy, the Sepoc beach is perhaps the most developed.

Also known as the Sepoc Point, the Sepoc Beach is a private beach and is owned by Eagle Point beach resort. And managed by them too.

Because of its private management, the beach is not as packed as public beaches, which makes it a lot more hygienic to be in.

It is located in the Northwest of Tingloy. Making it convenient for you to include it in your tour when you’re touring the Anilao or Masasa Beach.

The resort allows public boats to stop in the water. But the amenities on the mainland, like the dining halls and restroom, are only for resort guests.

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Sombrero Island, Tingloy


Another great beach you can check out while in the regions of Tingloy is Sombrero Island.

For those who love walking, you might have heard of the Mt. Gulugod Baboy located at Mabini. If you’ve gone through the Gulugod Baboy mountain, then it would only be inferable that you have heard of the Sombrero Island.

But if you haven’t heard of Sombrero Island, it’s no problem.

Persons who may know of Sombrero Island are mountain hikers. Who comes down from the hill and opt for a day’s trip on the Sombrero Island, before going back to Manila.

The name Sombrero given to the Island is gotten from its shape; it has a rounded peak and is surrounded by a sea of sand.

So if you feel like having a lazy day and you find yourself in Tingloy, you might want to visit sombrero island. Lay back and enjoy the clear waters.

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Verde Island, Batangas City


Although Verde Island is part of Batangas city, it is not commercialized like the rest of Batangas.

45 minutes away from the mainland, it has a fine collection of beaches. So attractive, you might want to stay there forever.

These beautiful beaches have been untouched and undeveloped. Some of its undeveloped areas include the Cueva Sitio, Mahabang, and Buhangin.

This island also sits in the middle of the passage in Verde Island. And the Smithsonian Institute study carried out in 2007, Verde Island was described as the “center of the center.”

This description was about world marine citing for biodiversity. It has one of the highest concentrations of marine species around the world.

It has a great view for tourists, and its sea life is one of the most beautiful attractions on the island. Spending overnight would mean you would have to book a room in a hotel in Batangas City.

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Final Words On Best Beaches In Batangas

Going away on a private getaway would need a lot of planning, including when you want to go and where you want to go.

But, it is also good that you plan the things you want to do because an itinerary is one of the best ways to get the most out of your vacation.

Not like a strict itinerary, but something that can guide your tour is good enough.

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