Bantayan Island Cebu Itinerary And Travel Guide

Have you ever visited the Philippines? If that is in the affirmative (that is you have visited the Philippines) or you’re planning to, then you might want to check out the Bantayan island.

If the idea is to spend time on your own, or with your loved one(s), then the Bantayan Island getaway is a perfect getaway for you and your loved one(s). It is the ideal island for vacation.

The Island comes with a lot of highlights you will find pleasing, entertaining, and refreshing. The no.1 rule on the Island would be to have fun, so why don’t you let yourself be free.


About Bantayan Island, Cebu

Bantayan Island Cebu Travel Guide

Some of the things that you will get to enjoy when you come to Bantayan Island Cebu would include, peace and tranquility, constant appreciation of nature, the gentle and soothing wind, and the gentle waves rocking the bank of the island ever so gently.

There are so many things you can do while you’re there as well. You could read a book, or visit their bars for a good refreshing beer, or you could do both in the comfort of your room.

Before the Bantayan Island Cebu became known to the public as Camp Sawi, it was known as the secret hideout. It is hidden from the urban regions of northern Cebu, as it lies off the coast of this city. With three divisions on the island, the Bantayan Island has now developed to what it is today.

The three divisions which are classed as municipalities include; the Bantayan municipality, the Santa Fe municipality, and the Madridejos Municipality. Do not confuse the Batayan municipality with the Daan Bantayan municipality, which is actually on the main island of Cebu.

Years ago, the Bantayan Island used to be a sleepy fishing village, that attracted no one except people who needed fresh batches of fish. But with the years (which culminated in the year, 2017), this fish village became a tourist site for the whole world. And is still serving that purpose until today.

Today the village is enjoying the fruits of keeping their island clean and ready for development.

This fishy island has now turned into a tourist destination. and it is now one of the travel packages, all-inclusive in the Cebu travel handbook. And it’s even one of the tourist favorite traveling destinations, to Cebu because it is plain beautiful and has one of the most serene atmospheres in the world.

One of the biggest assets or desirable features of the Bantayan island is its richness in white sand. For most tourists who spend time on the beach, this site (the white sand) is an appealing one and one for sore eyes. The sand is so white in fact; it couldn’t be brown if it wanted.

The sand might be fine, but it’s not that fine so that it would smear the clear water that is shallow. This shallow water is conducive for kids who or even learning adult, who might want to swim.


How To Get To Bantayan Island Cebu?

Getting to the Island should not pose any problem; having your visa and passport ready is enough to get to this paradise destination. Being part of the provinces of Cebu, Bantayan Island is relatively accessible and easy to find, through Cebu City.

There are various ways you can get to the city; by flight, one of which includes Mactan-Cebu international airport. This particular airport is always busy as it has a lot of travelers in it go in and out of the city. But despite its business, it is still effortless to navigate your way through the crowd and hubs. Here is how you get to the island;

1. Flight. The Philippines has three major airlines, all of which fly to Cebu, which means you have a handful of choices to pick from. There are other minor airlines you can also use that would take you to Cebu, so the options are still very much plentifully available.

The major airlines include AirAsia, the Philippine airline, and the Cebu Pacific airline. The only thing you might want to look into when booking your flight online with AirAsia and Cebu Pacific, is their baggage allowance, as it is not included in their published rate. For the Philippines Airline, you’re automatically given a 10kg baggage allowance

2. You could use myBus to the North Bus Terminal: you could take a bus leaving the Mactan airport. These buses leave every thirty minutes, within the hours of 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. The time frame for departure is reduced from thirty to twenty minutes, from 11 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. The price of the fare is usually P25.

If you missed any of these hours, you might as well take a cab to the terminal, but the fare would cost you; P200-P300 to be precise.

3. Once at the north point terminal, take a Ceres bus, headed for Hagnaya Port. The time for this travel is 4 hours, and the fare is only P165. You could also find a direct bus for P200, that would take you straight to a ferry that goes to the island.

4. After that, board the super shutter ferry, or the Island shipping that is bound for the Santa Fe port. The first trips to the port are usually by 3 a.m., and the last trip is at 5:30 p.m. you only travel for one hour, your fee would be P170, and P10 for terminal fee.

5. Once at Santa Fe, there is a covered walkway to the tourism office, follow it: in the office, you will be required to pay the ecological fee of P30.

6. A tricycle will take you to your resort: the fare would be P20-25. If you already have a prearranged shuttle service, then there is no need to use the tricycle.

You can’t put a price on peace now, can you? This process right here is about the only thing you would need to do to get to the island, and it all worth it in the end. You might get exhausted, but you would have a lot of time to rest it off on the island.


Where To Stay On Your Trip To Bantayan Island Cebu?

La Playa Estrella Beach Resort

Because of the significant development in that region, there are plenty of places you can stay in, when in Bantayan Island. There are over 40 resorts, guesthouses, and inns in the area that it is no big deal finding a place to stay. You can get a regular room for just P400 a night. If you want to camp while you’re there, then you’re highly welcome to do so. If you don’t own a tent, then for as low as P200 (or even lower), you can rent one.

There are hotels and resorts you can stay in. They are fairly priced. For a high-end resort, then you get to pay as much as P3000 per night, and for a budget resort, you can pay P1000 per night.

Some of the resorts you can visit include;

These are some of the places you can stay in, to pass your time in this serene environment.

Search For More Hotels In Bantayan


Places To Visit In The Bantayan Cebu

Bantayan Island is a beautiful place to be in. It is rich in culture and has lots of places you can visit if you’re tired of staying indoors or on the beach. These tourist spots are very accessible, and on the site, you can make good memories. Here is a list of places you can go on your trip to Bantayan Island.

1. Paradise Beach

This site is a secluded stretch, and it is in Santa Fe. If trying to get away from the crowd and being alone, (or with family or that special someone), then this is the tour for you.

The paradise is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and the entrance fee is only P50. Some other beaches you might want to check out in Santa Fe include Maricaban beach, Alice beach, and Sugar Beach.

2. Kota Park

This park is in Madridejos. Kota stands for “fort.” Incidentally, there was a fort standing in the park, before it was turned into a park. It was a fort built by the Spaniards in the 70s. But nature has turned it into a recreational park, with the intervention of man of course.

3. Ogtong Cave

This cave is a small one, and it shelters a natural pool that is located within the Beach Club Resort in Santa Fe. It is a small pool, and the “small” is emphasized, so if you have fathomed any ideas about swimming, then you might be disappointed. But it’s not all bad; you could take a dip in the pool. The entrance fee is just P120, which gives you access to other pools in the resort.

4. St. Peter and Paul church

You can also visit the local church, built-in 1580, making it the oldest parish in Mindanao and Visayas.

5. Kota Beach and Sandbar

There is also a sandbar and beach in Kota, which you can spend time in and laze around. It is the perfect resting and chilling spot for beach bums. Although it is crowded during summertime, it is a place you should be in.

6. Virgin Island and Hilantangaan Island

Other than the fact that Bantayan Island is the place to go to, to have fun, it can also be a jump-off point if you have plans of visiting other Islands. Some of the Islands include the Virgin Islands and the Hilantangtaan Island and even the Kintarkan Island.

For a full day’s tour, P1000 will do, and P700 will do for a half-day trip. Virgin Island (Silicon Island), however, pays P500 as an entrance fee for the first two pax, and an extra head, P100.

7. Obo-ob Mangrove Eco Park

This park is yet another leisure point you can visit. It is situated in the mangrove forest, which can be toured by boat ride, using a kayak, or even walking. If you want to rent a kayak, P150 will do, and renting a small boat would cost you P350. There is also a boardwalk that is elevated and can carry you around if you feel like strolling. The entrance fee, of course, is P50.

8. There is even a splurge option of skydiving

Have you always wanted to go skydiving but never had the opportunity? Here’s your chance. Fortunately, Bantayan Island is a skydiving home, and it has one of the very few skydiving establishments you will find in the Philippines. There is the tandem skydiving experience for those who may be experiencing the thrill of skydiving for the first time.

The activity will take only 2 hours of your time. It cost only P18,000, which might be way above some person’s budget. The skydiving sessions are so great; you feel the wind going through your body.

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Bantayan Cebu Itinerary You Can Try Out

This itinerary is a sample, meaning that you can base your itinerary on this sample, (but you don’t have to if you don’t want to). All you would have to do is make some adjustments, and you’re good. Before then some tips you might find helpful

  • Take morning flights to Cebu, if you want to maximize your day.
  • The Cebu Pacific Airline (the 5J 563 airlines) and the Philippine Airline (PR 2835) have flights that can land you in Cebu before 6 a.m. even.
  • For ease of movement, book a tricycle when you arrive on the Island
  • If you’re visiting the paradise beach (which should be a must-visit), then do it before 5 p.m. so you can see the sunset.

Bantayan Island Cebu itinerary sample looks like this;

  • Time of departure from NAIA manila – 04:00 a.m.
  • Time of arrival at the Cebu airport – 05:15 a.m.
  • you will get a cab to the North bus terminal (where you pay the P100) – 05:45 a.m.
  • You then board the bus to Hagnaya port at P165 – 06:30 a.m.
  • Arriving at the Hagnaya Port – 10:30 a.m.
  • Get a quick brunch for P150 ¬– 11:00 a.m.
  • Also, board the ferry to Santa Fe for P170 + P10 – 11:30 a.m.
  • Arriving at Bantayan Island – 12:30 p.m.
  • For the walk to the tourism office, you’ll pay P30 – 12:45 p.m.
  • The tricycle tour (P700/2pax) – 01:00 p.m.
  • Retire for dinner (P200) – 07:00 p.m.
  • You return to your resort – 08:30 p.m.
  • Lights out by 10:00 p.m.

You can also get an itinerary for day two, and as long as you want to be on the Island. One thing is certain; whether you decide to stay indoors, or go out, you’re still going to have a splendid time on the Island.

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Final Words About Bantayan Island, Cebu

The idea of having time for yourself should not be brushed aside. As it is necessary for you to always find time to cool down after a yearlong stressing. And one of the best places you can cool off steam is in Bantayan Island.

With so much to do, you may soon forget all the problems and the workload you left behind. But it is essential that you take time off, and Bantayan Island has what you need.

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